Chorin & Dan super cool & creative wedding at The Gathering Barn in Wiltshire

The Gathering Barn in Wiltshire is a popular venue for weddings . Located in a beautiful rural setting, the barn is a spacious and flexible venue. The venue features a large main barn with high ceilings, exposed beams, as well as a smaller adjoining barn for ceremony and dancing . The Gathering Barn also has a beautiful outdoor area with fields , forest and a lake including large lawn in front of the barn for the reception drinks and games.

Planning your wedding at The Gathering Barn

There are a few things to consider when planning a wedding at The Gathering Barn. Some important things to think about include:

  • Your guest list. The Gathering Barn can accommodate up to 100 dining guests and 120 for ceremony at the Long Barn and 100 for ceremony and 65 dinning guests at The Middle Barn. So you'll need to consider how many people you want to invite and make sure the venue has enough space.
  • The theme and style of your wedding. The Gathering Barn is a versatile and flexible space that can accommodate a wide range of wedding styles, from formal and traditional to more relaxed and bohemian.
  • The catering and drinks. The venue has a list of preferred caterers and suppliers. You'll need to decide on a menu and arrange for drinks to be served throughout the day. You can bring in your own professional caterers and serve your own bought drinks with no extra corkage charge. Make sure you discuss who is going t serve your drinks .
  • The entertainment. You'll need to think about what kind of music or other entertainment you want at your wedding and how you want it to be set up.
  • Venue hire . One of the most important feature of The Gathering Barn is that it allows you to hire the venue for 4 days, which is amazing if you want to do set up before the wedding and have more relaxing time on your wedding day and then chill after the wedding the next day .
  • Accommodations. 6-8 sleeps self-contained accommodation with sitting room and kitchen /diner . Ideal for getting ready and also there are 5 min walk a house where other partner can get ready . That means with careful planning one photographer can get images of both partners getting ready .

With careful planning, you can create the perfect celebration to mark the start of your married life together.

Wedding photography at The Gathering Barn

As a photographer what I love about the venue is outdoor space . I love combination of industrial buildings and pretty countryside . Limitless possibilities to create fun & cool couple portraits and celebrate your special day in relaxed atmosphere . The host of the venue Sarah and whole team are very friendly . It was such a nice experience to photograph at The Gathering Barn and I would absolutely love to come back here and create more beautiful images for you too !

And Finally bellow you will find valuable wedding planning tips from Chorin & Dan

+ images from the wedding .Chorin and Dan were so generous with their time so we had chance to explore grounds and be creative :) Also Styling , table décor ideas is down to Chorin's creativity . Enjoy scrolling through their story , Oxana x

The Gathering Barn wedding in Wiltshire
The Gathering Barn wedding in Wiltshire
The Gathering Barn wedding in Wiltshire
The Gathering Barn wedding in Wiltshire


What was the most memorable moment from your wedding day ?

For me (Chorin) it was certainly the rush before I had to walk down the aisle and that overwhelming feeling. I really didn’t think it would be as powerful as it was - We’ve been together for 17 years! Oh, and having to actually get on the back of the motoX bike… let alone in a wedding dress. However, there’s lots of moments I could choose!

And for myself (Dan) the moment that stands above the rest was being stood at the front and seeing chorin for the first time and how beautiful she looked. The whole day in itself is so memorable and I love taking my mind back and visiting the tiniest of details all over again.

What did you love about location you got married ?

We really fell in love with the re-built barn tied into the industrial feels of the working farm around it! You hire the venue from Thursday to Sunday which gives you time to set up, chill, celebrate and party more, should that be what you want to do! With accommodation on site, it’s perfect for both the Bride and Groom to stay! Before our wedding, I visited numerous times to figure out where we would do certain things on the day. Sarah is super laid back and open to ideas about what you want to do on the day and just let’s you get on with it! Sarah and her team were always accommodating and helpful - John our videographer even got them to get a tractor out and in the blink of an eye… there is was!

Any tips, recommendations for newly engaged couples when organising wedding ?

We had absolutely no clue what things cost, so didn’t really have a budget. Once we had some numbers back we popped these into a spreadsheet to know how much we would need (and of course where we could try to save money!) We had to compromise on a few things, but this didn’t affect our day. We looked at ways to make the things we wanted cheaper, or asked ourselves if we really needed it. We saved a little on our florals and our bridesmaid dresses were a steal. We handmade lots of our decor on a budget! It can be done but you may need to invest more of your time. Setting up - Put your vision onto paper so people can help you without much instruction. For example, print pictures of how you want your tables or welcome sign to look. It’s really difficult to ask others to do something that only you vision - something I definitely learned and will pass onto any bride to be!

What would you do differently when organising your wedding ?

Oxana recommended getting into my dress earlier than planned (as she’s does with most brides) but due to hair/make-up and lots of faffing from me. I wasn’t in it as planned then the registra turned up for interview! It was a little rushed after this, trying to remember the bits that needed to be done last minute. My dad found me to tell me to hurry up, so we didn’t really get the chance to have a moment of calm together.

What was the most hardest or challenging when organising your wedding ?

We started our wedding planning during the pandemic, about 18 months - 2 years in advance which we found a little difficult. We would contact suppliers and found they weren’t taking bookings to accommodate their 2020/2021 couples who needed to re-arrange. It was a little disheartening for us organising, so I can understand how it felt for those couples. But, we got there in the end and found all of our wonderful suppliers, who I could not fault and would recommend to anyone getting hitched! I’m hopeful that this is something no bride to be will need to deal with in the future! We were both pretty laid back about the wedding, so just went with the flow, kept it simple. We knew we wanted to get married somewhere different and wanted to use different suppliers to that we usually see amongst friends and family. Dan was certainly the most most picky about the suits and his bikes of course… I’m pretty sure these were the only two things he was tasked with too…

What apps /tools you used to organise wedding ? Was it helpful?

We used to organise our wedding and collect our RSVPs. There is soooo much information that you give to your wedding guests nowadays that we didn’t want to have lots of inserts with our handmade invitations, so this was perfect! Super easy to use and lots of lovely templates.

Anything else you would like to share :)

I hope that you can take something from this to plan your big day…Congratulations! ?? It’s okay to ugly cry… but try not to look down to hide it!


Wedding venue : The Gathering Barn Caterer | food Vaughan's kitchen Videographer: John Taylor @johntaylorfilms Florist: Rock and Wild @rockandwildflorist Wedding cake maker: Family - Auntie , DJ and/or band: DJ Shep , Wedding dress & suit supplier/designer: Dress @thewhitecollection @madewithlovebridal Suits: Moss Bros Make-up & hair: @sophielouisehair1 @roxiemakeupuk Photography @oxiphotography