Syrencot House Wedding Photography in Wiltshire | Katie & James

Syrencot House is a wedding venue located in Wiltshire, England. It is a stunning country house surrounded by beautiful gardens and countryside. The venue offers a indoor ceremony in an orangery with lots of light which is perfect for photography as natural light is always looks beautiful.

The main house features elegant reception rooms, a grand staircase, and luxurious accommodation for the bride and groom and their guests. The venue also has a converted barn, which provides a unique and rustic setting for receptions.

In terms of catering, Syrencot House offers a formal sit-down meals and food is truly amazing . They also have an extensive wine list and can create bespoke cocktails for your event.

The venue has a dedicated team of wedding coordinators who can help you create a bespoke wedding package tailored to your needs and preferences. Syrencot House is a beautiful wedding venue that is sure to create a memorable and magical experience for you and your guests.

Planning Wedding at Syrencot House ?

Read Wedding planning story and tips from Katie & James elegant but yet relaxed wedding at Syrencot House with party vibe :) ENGOY !!!!

syrencot house wedding photos  in Wiltshire
syrencot house wedding photos  in Wiltshire
syrencot house wedding photos  in Wiltshire
syrencot house wedding photos  in Wiltshire
syrencot house wedding photos  in Wiltshire
syrencot house wedding photos  in Wiltshire
syrencot house wedding photos  in Wiltshire
syrencot house wedding photos  in Wiltshire
syrencot house wedding photos  in Wiltshire

Wedding Planning Tips from Katie & James

What was the most memorable moment from your wedding day ?

I have 3 - 

1. My Dad walking in and seeing me in my dress. 

2. Seeing James for the first time that day (and the kids). All my worries and anxieties just melted away. 

3. Dancing with everyone in the evening! 

What did you love about location you got married ?

I loved that it was secluded in the countryside and quite far from where we live, it meant that we could make a whole weekend of it and spend more time with the people we know and love. In terms of the venue, I loved how it was a perfect mix of old and modern (which is what we were looking for). And having accommodation on site was a huge bonus. 

Any tips, recommendations for newly engaged couples when organising wedding ?

I think look for your suppliers and venue as soon as possible because they get booked up so quickly (especially photographers, hair and makeup). The rest seems to fall into place. 

What would you do differently when organising your wedding ?

I’m not sure, looking back I think I would have done it the same (my background is in event management) so I treated it how I would have done any other event. 

What was the most hardest or challenging when organising your wedding ?

The hardest thing was having a toddler, a baby a few months old and a house move in the lead up to our wedding! It just meant I hardly had any time to focus on the wedding and that did become quite stressful. Organising the children when I had to have meetings with suppliers or phone calls, trying to email, booking in trails etc. I see now why people get married and then have children haha. 

What apps /tools you used to organise wedding ? Was it helpful?

used Excel for everything. I love a list so I had a list for pretty much everything. I also always set reminders in my phone on days I needed to do things or deadlines I had to meet.

Anything else you would like to share :)

I would recommend spending time picking a good photographer - they are going to capture all of your memories of the day which you’ll have forever. I also recommend a videographer, I must have watched our wedding video back a million times and it’s just so special. This is something I booked last minute and I’m so glad I did! 

When I look back at our wedding, the thing that mattered the most was the people there who we were sharing it with. I think you end up throwing money at things that just aren’t important. I think it’s also important to remember that it’s ‘your’ day and no one else’s so try and show your personality. We love a good dance and a party so it was important to us to have a free bar and a really good band haha so make sure it’s tailored to what you want, not just because it’s a wedding. 

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