Pennard House Wedding in Somerset | Jason & Nicola

Photographing Nicola and Jason's wedding at Pennard House in Somerset was an absolute privilege. From the moment we met, there was an instant connection and I firmly believe that the stronger the bond with the couple, the more it enhances the quality of my photography. It's truly rewarding to capture moments filled with genuine emotion and connection.

''Oxana is simply the most incredible wedding photographer, in every possible way: she is excellent at communicating, a friendly and lovely person, very informative on every aspect of her work, and extremely talented. We had a fantastic experience with her from the very start. It was great to meet her over a video call, and all of the extras - booklet with tips etc that she provided in the run-up to our wedding - were really helpful as well as exciting to receive. Even before seeing the photos, our wedding guests were praising Oxana. She is just so good at her job - unobtrusive, putting everyone at ease and seamlessly moving around to get all those important posed and candid shots. I cannot over-emphasise how much booking Oxana to be our photographer was one of the best decisions we made with our wedding. We have really enjoyed the sneak-peaks; updates, fantastic gallery and USB with cute gifts that came our way :) Oxana thank you SO so much''. Nicola & Jason

Pennard  house wedding, confetti  photos
Pennard  house wedding  photos
Pennard  house wedding  photos
Pennard  house wedding  photos
Pennard  house wedding  photos flowers
Pennard  house wedding  photos
Pennard  house wedding  photos

Planning Wedding at Pennard House

One of the most comprehensive tips and advise from Nicola and Jason on how they planned their laidback , absolutely beautiful wedding at Pennard House . Enjoy !!!

What was the most memorable moment from your wedding day ?

It's hard to say, but I think for both of us the ceremony itself and our readings and vows - which we'd personalised - and the speeches after dinner were the most poignant and memorable parts of the day. We also loved the time we had for the couples photos, as it was a nice quiet pause for ourselves before rejoining the party.

What did you love about location you got married ?

Pennard House is such a great mix of beautiful different spaces. We picked it because it offered the option of staying and getting ready on site, so we made a weekend of it with family. We really wanted the option of an outside ceremony and the garden and pavilion was perfect for that, then having the meal and party in the coach house means you can move from one area to another for different parts of the day - but all on-site with no logistics or travel to worry about at all!

The main house is a lovely eclectic English manor house, with the most incredible bridal suite (that bath!), perfect for bridal party preparations.

Any tips, recommendations for newly engaged couples when organising wedding ?

1)Try to think about what you both really want - and perhaps don't want. It's incredibly easy for things to snowball and to end up following every tradition and accumulating costs on things you perhaps aren't even wanting to do. Don't get carried away by other people's opinions, take time to brainstorm the two of you.

2) Get organised - lists are key!! - even if you love notebooks and handwritten ideas I'd recommend using an Excel spreadsheet along the way (doesn't sound the most romantic does it, but it is helpful).

3) Negotiate (politely): suddenly facing a hundred quid extra for slicing up a cake? Maybe it being cut up earlier will avoid that! You won't know if you don't ask.

What would you do differently when organising your wedding ?

One tip would be really homing in on the timeline, as this can get confusing and its good to think about what you want. For example, there will be different timings and set options for bands and DJ's so think about if you want live music going right up to the cut-off time, or if its ok to end earlier and have a playlist for those staying on the dance floor until the end.

Other than that, probably just don't panic! We thought we'd messed up and left it super late for booking a band and others things, but it worked out fine and we still had great options to choose from for every aspect of our wedding. Having said that, do book the actual venue early if you're getting married in the spring/summer :D

What was the most hardest or challenging when organising your wedding ?

Setting budgets and deciding on venues to start off with - it took us a while to get our heads around different venue set-ups, some can look a lot more affordable but if they then require a marquee to be brought in; an external catering company... it can swiftly overtake what another venue actually charges with all the necessary spaces + food included.

What apps /tools you used to organise wedding ? Was it helpful?

No apps in the end, but we used Rock My Wedding (website & followed their Instagram) for lots of ideas. As mentioned really just organised and tracked things using Excel to have a massive tick list, compare venue costs, and suppliers and just make sure nothing got forgotten!

Anything else you would like to share :)

Don't get too hung up on everything being just perfect - all of your guests are there to celebrate you, it will special no matter what. I was at risk of not leaving time to plan readings and vows, and I was glad I finally set aside details of flowers and candles to actually sort those, really more important (!) things before the day.

Your photographer is someone who, besides creating a beautiful lasting records of your day*, is also there throughout the day in every important moment: we were so incredibly happy to have found and booked Oxana for our wedding. Having got to know her beforehand, we felt really happy and relaxed with her and trusted her completely. Knowing this side of things was well taken care of, and having someone who was so friendly and completely unobtrusive at the same time, was really special.

*including little moments of guests reactions and details you won't have seen until you look through the gallery!

Wedding Team :

@pennardhouse - Wedding Venue in Somerset

@maggiesotterodesigns -Wedding Dress

@lbmakeupandhair - Leanna Hair & Makeup

@chemasacristan - Drummer from band (Giulia & The lizards)

@lunaria_somerset - Deborah florist

@oxiphotography - Oxana -wedding photographer

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