Fun & Romantic countryside engagement session in Frome | Danni & Emily

Engagement session what to expect :

I love couple photography so much it is one of the best ways to get to know one another and create beautiful memories . If you are nervous In front of the camera it helps to understand how it all works . If you love natural emotions and connection in photographs then you are in the right place . Even so my images often looks natural it doesn't mean I dont give directions . I do give directions because I want beautiful background , lighting and composition works best but it is just a starting point then by asking question or asking you to kiss or to hug or walk or talk and focus on each other that's where it all happens :) The more you focus on each other and less on the camera the better results will be . Ok you say '' I possibly will still feel awkward '' .. Maybe and that's ok , we will take time , chat and walk and when you are ready I will know ;) One of the most important thing is just let me direct you ...sounds completely the opposite of natural photography but believe me this is how the magic happens .

It is also important to me not to force couple to do things that feel uncomfortable for example if i asked you to sit down on the grass and you just cant get comfortable just let me know and sit down so you feel comfortable if that makes sense. If you feel comfortable the images will look much more relaxed . Often I sense how couple feel and we just move to another location or pose if its not working for you and thats ok too !

What can help you to relax at your engagement session :

There are a few things that helps at the session : your favourite music that I will have with me. if it is romantic music it will help you to feel romantic . That means I will be able to capture intimate moments the quiet moments . If it brings lots of fun memories you will most likely feel happy and smiley naturally . So then I will be able to capture the fun the happy moments between you two. So when you choose your favourite songs think about what memories it will brings : romance or fun or both .

If you have pets bring them with you it helps to shift focus on them and away from the camera. If you have a dog you can just play and run and be yourself :) Do the things you would normally do when you walk the dog .

I will also have questioners before your session so i can get to know you a little bit better .

What to wear and location ideas for your engagement session:

In my engagement session guide you will find some ideas about what to wear and what to bring with you . You can also take pictures of your outfits and send it to me so i can help to make a choice but the most important thing is to be comfortable unless you go for a fashion heels look then we would have to make sure we choose the right location for it . Heels on the beach would be a not a good idea :)

There are two ways to choose location : You choose place that you love or have meaning to you . If you love countryside walks with the dog and you feel happiest at that location lets do it there. If you love cafes and city vibe lets go for coffee in your favourite cafe .

If you want to explore new places ideas I have a list of location that you can use .

And the last but not least treat your engagement session as a day out and fun and I am sure you will love it and if you love it you will love your images !

Below are images from Dannie and Emily engagement session . They chose beautiful family farm . We started couple of hours before sunset. We chatted a lot listen to a music and drunk prosecco :)) It was amazing !!!! Just looking at the images brings me back and put smile on my face :))) Feel free to scroll and Enjoy !!! xx

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