I absolutely love confetti shots because it looks visually amazing and it captures the peak of emotions, the happiness of the celebrations. To achieve these Epic images you need a bit of a planning. 


First find out where , what type and if you are allowed confetti. Most of the Wedding venues and Churches ask for biodegradable confetti and they will tell you where confetti shots are permitted. 


The most popular and permitted in most of the wedding venues/ churches are fresh or dried petals and biodegradable paper. Consider style of your wedding, colour scheme and location. If you choose pale, light confetti the background should be dark so you can see them better. If your confetti has dark colours then lighter background is preferable. For example light building and open fields.I wouldn’t recommend rice and lavender. It takes so long to pick out from the bride and groom’s hair. It means less time for portrait session on the wedding day.


The more the better. 2 handfuls per person. Approximately 10 litre (100-120 handfuls) , 5 litre ( 50-60 handfuls). Here is website where you can easily calculate how much confetti you need


  • If you buy loose Confetti. It’s cheaper also easier to get handfuls of.
  • Biodegradable paper is cheaper then fresh or dry petals and looks amazing in photograph.
  • If you are on tight budget you may consider to have just a few people throwing the confetti. For example bridal party for funky, cool shots or just two of you and confetti thrown over you.


You can place confetti corns or bags on chairs before the ceremony. It looks pretty and easy for guests to pick up, however your guest will most likely throw your precious confetti before the confetti shot set up. You can ask your registrar to announce to your guests not to throw confetti until instructed by the photographer. Another way is to have loose confetti in a basket or bucket and ask your ushers or bridesmaids to give the confetti to each guests while they are getting into position for the confetti shot. 


  •  Most common shot is couple walking through the tunnel. Make sure you walk slowly and don’t look down, enjoy the moment and smile at your guests :) Oh and hold hands because if you don’t , often the groom walks faster leaving the bride behind and it’s harder to get both of your reactions and it feels like you are disconnected.
  • Semi-circle: when guests stand around the bride and groom and throw confetti upwards over them.


What if you are not allowed to have confetti at your wedding venue? Or you just want something different. There are so many options: you can have bubbles, ribbons, dried leaves, balloons, canon confetti. For more inspiration you can check this amazing article or get visual inspiration from pinterest  


Here are some links for you to start but shop around for deals. it can be very expensive if you have over 100 of guests

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