Collection of unique and beautiful rustic barn wedding venues in Wiltshire . I love shooting at the Barns because of rustic charm , beautiful countryside and laid back vibe . For you I picked my absolute favourite Barn wedding venues .

Top Barn Wedding Venues in Wiltshire , the gathering barn
Top Barn Wedding Venues in Wiltshire , the gathering barn

1 . The Gathering Barn

The Gathering Barn is unique & quirky wedding venue. Exclusively yours on your wedding day . You can hire it for a few days to make sure you can do set up the day before the wedding to take pressure away on the day. I also love that it has a cottage 5 minute walk from the main Barn so you can get ready on a site. The members of staff are super caring you will feel at home . Plenty of spaces to chill , to dance and to drink :) Absolutely beautiful countryside all around . Endless opportunities for pretty pictures . There is hidden lake , fields , woodland area and one of my favourite feature is a farm buildings that creates cool backdrop for your bridal party and couple portraits photos :) You can see sample of wedding at The Gathering Barn here The Gathering Barn website

2 . Wellington Barn

Wellington Barn surrounded by stunning Wiltshire countryside and is perfect for couples looking for a rustic and romantic wedding venue. The venue offers exclusive use of the barn and its grounds, which include a charming courtyard . The barn itself is a stunning space with exposed beams, high ceilings, and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. You can choose to have your ceremony either inside the barn or outside in the courtyard, which can be adorned with flowers and greenery for a beautiful backdrop. The barn can accommodate up to 130 guests for the ceremony and wedding breakfast, and up to 200 guests for the evening reception. It has a few accommodations : 3 Shepherd Huts , Cool echo house and Glamping with 5 BellTents. You can see wedding sample at Wellington Barn here and Wellington Barn website here

3. Bake Barn

Bake Barn is a charming rustic wedding venue situated on Fonthill Estate . Fonthill estate has got one of the most beautiful grounds all around with fields, lake and forest . Such a perfect setting for your wedding . Bake Barn can seat up to 100 people . It is exclusively yours on your wedding day and completely privet . You can see more information about The Bake Barn here

4 . Chalk Barn

Chalk Barn is a luxury wedding venue located near Rushall in Wiltshire, UK. The venue is set in the heart of the countryside and offers a beautiful and rustic setting for couples looking for a romantic and intimate wedding. You can have your wedding ceremony outdoors looking over beautiful countryside or in the Barn . The Chalk Barn is bespoke wedding venue where you create style that fits your vision . Fancy to land on a helicopter ? You can do that as well . Check more information about Chalk Barn on the website

5 . Bowerchalke Barn

Bowerchalke Barn is a charming wedding venue located in the picturesque Chalke Valley , in the county of Wiltshire, UK. The venue is set in a stunning countryside setting, surrounded by beautiful views of the rolling hills and fields. The barn itself is a beautifully restored 16th-century building that retains its rustic charm . The barn can accommodate up to 150 guests for the wedding ceremony and reception. Exclusive use and chance to set up the day before your wedding . The courtyard is is decorated with fairy lights, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere and beautiful evening photographs. The Bowerchalke Barn website

6 . Ashley Wood Farm

Ashley Wood Farm is a beautiful wedding venue located in the countryside of Wiltshire, UK. The venue offers a stunning setting for couples looking to exchange their vows and celebrate their special day in a rustic and charming environment. The farm itself is a traditional Wiltshire farmhouse with a large barn that has been converted into a stunning wedding venue. The barn features exposed wooden beams, brick walls, and a high ceiling, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. The venue can accommodate up to 120 guests for the wedding ceremony and reception, and up to 200 guests for the evening reception. In addition to the barn, the venue also offers a beautiful outdoor space for ceremonies and receptions. The courtyard is surrounded by gardens and trees, creating a peaceful and romantic setting for couples to exchange their vows. Ashley Wood Farm website

7 . Winkworth Farm Malmesbury

Winkworth Farm Malmesbury website

Here you have it my Top 7 Barn Wedding Venues in Wiltshire :)

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After you choose your favourite wedding venue the next step is to choose your perfect wedding photographer . It is so important to choose photographer that you connect with . The experience and memories just as important as beautiful pictures. You want to look at your wedding photographs and feel the happy memories of your special day .

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