Hampstead Heath engagement session Layla & Mark

1. Why engagement session was important to you ?

For Mark and I it was really important to do an engagement shoot so we could spend a few hours with our photographer before our wedding. I also come from a background in photography so I was I aware of the importance of getting comfortable and relaxed with each other and how that often leads to the best images. I think as well the shoot really helped Mark feel more comfortable with the idea of having his picture taken, which is kind of a scary thing for a lot of people! Oxana was wonderful at putting us at ease and Mark was a natural in the end.

2. Why did you chose Hampstead Heath as your engagement location ?

Hampstead Heath is a very special area to us. It was where we had our very first date, first anniversary, and of course most special of all it was the location Mark proposed to me. The area itself is vast and beautiful and wild in equal measure, it truly feels like you’re not in London. There is also a rich history of artists connected to Hampstead Heath and you can feel why when you’re there, it’s so inspiring. The Hill Garden and Pergola is actually a new location for us within Hampstead Heath, which I loved. It has a very romantic feeling and Mark and I were attracted to the idea of having a new location we could explore whilst also being within an area that meant so much to us.

3. And anything else you would like to add :)

We just had the most inspiring time with Oxana. She is a pleasure to be around, her energy and vibe is so uplifting and soothing at the same time. She made me feel like I was back in art school, that same feeling of creative electricity was in the air and I loved watching her getting more and more inspired. I would recommend any couple to get an engagement shoot if they can because it allows you all to bond and you get some beautiful images you can treasure forever.