A Guide To Planning the Perfect Couple Photoshoot

Capture your love story with this guide to planning the perfect photoshoot! Follow these top tips to make sure your images will be beautiful, romantic and authentic.

Whether you're newly engaged, celebrating a milestone anniversary, or just want to take some beautiful photos together, a couples photoshoot can be an exciting way to capture your love story , memories of a special time in your relationship. These photos will be cherished for a lifetime and serve as a reminder of the love and connection that you share. This Guide will help you to plan an exciting photo session . Follow these top tips to plan the perfect couple photoshoot and create stunning images that will last a life time :)

1.Decide on location

Where you decide to have your photoshoot will play a big part in determining the overall look and feel of your photos. Consider choosing a location that's meaningful or reflects your relationship—maybe on a beautiful beach, in an urban setting, or at the park where you got engaged. Creating an environment that feels comfortable and special can help capture beautiful moments between the two of you. Also in home session can be a great way to document your everyday life ( things you love doing together ( reading , cooking or watching tv on a sofa anything that will create memories of joy and happiness )

2.Choose an Outfit for both of you 

When it comes to a couple photoshoot, what you wear is just as important as where you go. Pick clothing and accessories that keep both of you in the same color palette and style range. You'll want your outfits to be complementary, like sticking with dark tones or light neutrals, while still allowing each of you to shine. Invest in a special necklace or scarf that makes both of your outfits pop! It is also so important you choose comfortable outfit . I tent to do a lot of moving walking shots and if you hardly can move in your heels and tight skirt or trousers you wont be able to relax and move freely which is the part of achieving natural images . BUT if you have something super special despite it is super uncomfortable but it looks amazing we can do a few posed images and change into something more flexible for more relaxed shots .  

2.Trust your photographer

It is so important to choose photographer you connect with .It makes photo session way easier if you trust your photographer and follow the directions without overthinking .

Look at Instagram stories . Is he or she your kind of person ?If you love walking in a countryside and you can see your photographer love it too, there is a chance you can connect just with that one common interest .

For me it is important to start couple session with a chat in a coffee shop . Often just 5-10 minutes conversation can break the ice and make photosession more relaxed .

3.Props and Accessories

it can help to create unique images and feel. If you love cycling together you can bring bikes or motorbike or maybe you have vintage car and want to create romantic style images (almost cinematic) that is amazing. Also, your pets can be such a great way to create more natural images because you would be more focus on your pet then on camera. if you are musician and you love playing on the guitar, bring it in.    It all can be a great addition to a cool photoshoot  but make sure whatever you choose accentuates your style as a couple and also don’t forget accessories such as a hat, sunglasses and jewellery that might show off your unique personalities.


Photography is all about light. The lighting and time of day can greatly impact the mood and feel of your couple photosession. The soft light at sunrise creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere and can add a golden glow to your images. Also if you chose busy with people location sunrise session would be your best time for photography. The golden hour before sunset provides a warm, soft light that can enhance the romance and intimacy in a couple photoshoot. Overcast days can also provide even, diffused light for a soft look. I would Avoid shooting during the harsh, mid-day sun somewhere in the fields but shooting in town can add artistic feel to your images with shadows and lights .

5.Choose photographer you can connect with

I absolutely love couple sessions they are one of my favourites . Everything about it from meeting you to taking photographs and editing images, makes my heart sing ! I love creating with couples I connect the most , couples that trust my vision and abilities to capture the emotions and connections between them. Who also happy to experiment and create more artistic images.

That's why it so so so important to do your research on photographer and chat to them to get the vibe , the feel.

When couples write me '' we love your style, we trust you...do your ''thing '' :) then I know we will have the best time ever and create beautiful images TOGETHER ! How you felt at the shoot is what you will remember looking at your photographs .

My approach & what to expect at your couple photo session

Before the session

  1. I will send you questioners to get to know you and what your vision for the shoot
  2. We will discuss ideas for location & what to wear via email or skype
  3. you will get my more detailed couple session guide with more information and ideas

At the session

  1. We will meet at the coffee shop if possible and start session with 10-15 min conversation to get to know each other.
  2. I will have your favourite song playing to get you in the right mood
  3. As long as you trust me, follow my directions and don't overthink : you will have a great time I promise :)

After the session

  1. I will edit your images within 2-3 weeks
  2. You will receive Online Gallery with your 100-200 edited images which you can download and share

Ready & Excited ?! Lets do it :)