We all been to a wedding or heard some stories where group shots took hours and hours . Then after these two hours your bride and groom disappear for another hour or so. For me that is not fun or relaxing experience . I believe there should be a good balance between getting all the important shots done and have a great time at your wedding. So how to plan your group shots without getting all stressed . Right! IT IS ALL ABOUT PLANNING AHEAD


As a documentary style photographer I focus on candid moments , emotions and atmosphere of your wedding day but I also understand that formal group shots are important too. These are images you might want to frame or include in your family album. My aim is to create the best possible experience so you remember the good feelings when looking at your photographs but we have to work on it together :)

  1. Meet in person or Skype to discuss what combination of group shots are important for you .
  2. Choose the most close members of your family and friends for your group shots.
  3. Combine both families together as one group shot.
  4. Limit your group shots to maximum 8 . Ideally 5-7
  5. Ask 2 people to help to organise these group shots. They have to have loud voice and know both sides of your family.
  6. If you really want Everybody in one shot allow at least 15 minutes extra for that . It takes forever to wait family members for the group shot. So if you are planning this one it is important we discuss where and when we do the Big group shot.
  7. Try to go into position as soon as photographer ask then your guests will follow you. That will save lots of time . 
  8. Make sure to email all the guests before the wedding and tell them when and where they have to be .


Here are some ideas for group shots that you can adjust to your needs.

  1. Couple & Both sets of parents 
  2. Couple & Both Families ( parents siblings + partners +kids ) 
  3. Couple & both sets of grandparents 
  4. Couple &Wedding Party
  5. Partner 1+ Wedding party
  6. Partner 2 + Wedding party
  7. Couple with both set of friends or with unties, uncles
  8. EVERYBODY (if you must/want) 


I aim to photograph formal group shots within 15 -30 minutes for ( around 8 group shots ). Sometimes it takes 40 minutes but the reason for that is usually waiting for guests . That is why it is so important to let everybody know when and where they have to be.

I would recommend to have 2 hours from the end of the ceremony to a start of the wedding breakfast so you have at least 40 minutes to have a great time with your guests and have all the important group shots and a couple shots done.

Don’t forget to include extra time for driving if your ceremony and reception are in different places. 

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