Emily and Danni wedding was one of the most emotional and exciting for me to photograph. Ceremony and reception was all happening on a beautiful family farm with the most close family and friends. There were so many memorable moments from the wedding : emotional speeches , first dance on a bouncy castle , street food , people , watching perfect sunset and creating memories for two happy couple in love was just incredible :) And I am so happy I can share with you this very special day . Enjoy :)) x

Beautiful & Emotional farm wedding in Frome , Somerset | Emily & Danni

Wedding Planning Tips from Emily & Danni

What was the most memorable moment from your wedding day ?

The most memorable moment was watching the sun set with our friends all together and be able to take a breather and appreciate the day. It was a really magical moment. We got engaged whilst the sun set so it was a beautiful reminder of our journey from then to the wedding. 

What did you love about location you got married ?

We loved that the place we got married held so many memories for us. It was held at Emily's parents home, the place we also got engaged. It was already an incredibly special place to us, where we could go and completely unwind and relax, so to be able to have our wedding there was so special. 

Any tips, recommendations for newly engaged couples when organising wedding ?

We would recommend coming up with loads of ideas, and then making a list of the things you really want to have, and the things that are not as important. Also set a budget early on and finally keep communication open. It can be stressful, don't allow a fun planning experience to cause arguments. 

What would you do differently when organising your wedding ?

We planned at an interesting time, during Covid. We had to stop planning for several months as we thought the wedding wouldn't go ahead at the time we thought but we were lucky and it did. The only thing we would change is being a little bit more organised, planning a little more in advance. 

What was the most hardest or challenging when organising your wedding ?

Probably just having to be so organised and do everything so in advance which is not our normal way of operating (we're quite last minute people). But the whole process was really fun! 

What apps /tools you used to organise wedding ? Was it helpful?

We didn't use an apps or tools but we did have the help of Emily's Mum who's incredibly organised and was an amazing help (she also made the wedding cake so she was an integral part of the day). 

Anything else you would like to share :)

Just enjoy the process! You get married once and the whole thing flies by so fast, enjoy it :) 

Wedding Team

Wedding Venue : ceremony & reception family farm

Vamos Paella food

Love Candyfloss (we used this website to find the Churros tricycle we had)

@kirstydarnbroughhair hair styling

The Stunning Tents Company for the Teepee

Photo @oxiphotography

Wedding bouquet @moonrakerandrose

LGBTQ Wedding Photography in Frome | Somerset