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The Roman Baths in Bath, England, are a well-preserved ancient Roman site that was used for public bathing. The baths were built in the 1st century AD and were in use for hundreds of years. The remains of the baths are housed in a complex of buildings that includes the Great Bath, the Temple of Sulis Minerva, and a range of other features such as changing rooms, exercise yards, and hot and cold plunge pools.

The baths were a central part of Roman life in Bath, and were used for both practical and recreational purposes. The hot spring water that flowed into the baths was believed to have therapeutic properties, and people would come from all over to soak in the baths and take advantage of the spring's supposed healing powers. The baths were also a social gathering place, where people could meet and relax.

In the 4th century AD, the Roman Empire began to decline, and the baths fell into disuse. They were rediscovered in the 19th century and have been carefully preserved and restored. Today, the Roman Baths are a major tourist attraction and a significant cultural and historical site in the city of Bath.

I live just outside of Bath and it was my dream to photograph wedding or elopement at Roman Baths . Roman Baths is a unique and romantic wedding venue right at the heart of beautiful City of Bath. Its been around for 2000 years . What a place to get married with so much history and atmosphere , beautiful backdrop for your special day .

So happy Rachel and Imman trusted me to photograph their special day and I can't wait to share with you their beautiful sunrise intimate wedding at Roman Baths and tips on how they planed it :)

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Wedding planning tips from Rachel & Imman

What was the most memorable moment from your wedding day ?

The day went by so fast, especially because we had a morning ceremony. The highlights were our first look, our ceremony at the Roman Baths and celebrating with pizza.

What did you love about location you got married ?

The Bath Priory was the perfect hotel to relax at the day before our wedding and such a beautiful setting for photos before and after the ceremony. The staff was so welcoming and helped us sort all the small details. I loved being able to get married at The Roman Baths such a historic and unique location and that we were able to do the ceremony outdoors. 

Any tips, recommendations for newly engaged couples when organising wedding ?

Focus on the details that are important to you and make those selections first. For us we wanted an intimate ceremony and to have photos to share the day with our family that could not travel. We set up an instagram page and did a remote pizza party for all of our friends and family to celebrate with us from around the world. And I would add that planning a small wedding may be less expensive than a large wedding but it takes just as much time planning all of the details, so start booking vendors early.

What would you do differently when organising your wedding ?

A lot of the planning was out of our control due to Covid and we had to make decisions based on travel restrictions. I wouldn't change anything about our wedding we had an amazing day!

What was the most hardest or challenging when organising your wedding ?

The biggest challenge was figuring out what paperwork we needed to apply for and when, especially during Covid. I was living in the US and Imman was in England and I was traveling back and forth. It was worth all of the planning and we could not have had a better experience.

What apps /tools you used to organise wedding ? Was it helpful?

Pinterest for inspiration and Excel to keep track of our expenses.