Here is an interview with one of my favourite designers and owner of Julita LDN Bride, Jo Kuniewicz-Murray.

I first saw Jo's wedding dress design at Suzi and Mark's wedding last year. Suzi was wearing this beautiful dress and she looked so confidante and radiant . It was her dream wedding dress and it felt like she was meant to wear it thus I discovered Jo, owner of Julita LDN Bride in London. I was blown away by her work . Jo is truly an artist and creates unique personalised handmade bridal gowns and veils for Starlit Souls :) So I wanted to ask her how to find ''your perfect wedding dress ''.

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Where do you start your search – what do you need to think about when choosing your wedding dress?

Embrace your individuality. Don’t focus on tradition and equally don’t ‘tick box’ trends. Consider timeless looks that will still fill your heart with joy when you look back at photos in 50 years. Listen to your true self - it isn’t only about looking your most beautiful, but making you feel something

Where do you start with the bespoke design?

It begins with an initial consultation where you can openly express your thoughts and ideas. We look at inspiration images, fabrics, embellishments and trims. The design process may begin with a signature flower you have a special connection with, or a line from a song or even a vintage family heirloom lace that’s integral to the design. There also may be a dress you like from the collection which can be altered and made bespoke to you. The starting point is all about pulling the ideas together. I will guide you through this process in order to design a unique dress, reflecting your personality, style and own sense of creativity.

how to choose your perfect wedding dress
how to choose your perfect wedding dress

 What is the process?

The design continuously evolves throughout the process - it’s a collaboration of ideas allowing the finer details to grow beyond expectation. After the consultation an initial sketch is hand drawn and detailed measurements are taken. A first toile is made from a mock fabric that is fitted on the body. At this stage we will look at the main silhouette – considering the fit and balance of the design. Adjustments are then made to the pattern and the dress is made from the chosen fabrics. The dress will then be fitted again and once this is perfected the embellishment stage begins. The bespoke process ensures you are completely happy with every aspect of the dress at every step.

What can go wrong in the process and how to avoid it?

I have seen brides become overwhelmed by an array of opinions from friends and family. Its important to remember it is your special dress – what it means to you, how you feel - reflecting your essence and dreams.

Where do you get your inspiration for your collection?

Inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere. The current collection is based around flowers. I’m so intrigued by the idea that some species only bloom at night, and poet Thomas Moore describes this beautifully; ‘From plants that wake when others sleep, from timid jasmine buds that keep their odour themselves all day, but when the sunlight dies away let the delicious secret out to every breeze that roams about’. There is symbolism and hidden messages - each dress is named after a flower of the night and embraces that flowers quality – how the garment falls and moves, the characteristics of the lace design or the details in the hand beading. There is an emotion, connection and poetry behind each garment . I love to create an aura of the vision, the world and life we dream of, as if it were a piece of art.

how to choose your perfect wedding dress , london  bride

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Unique Personalised Handmade Bespoke Bridal Gowns + Veils for Starlit Souls

''​Established in 2013 by designer and owner Jo Kuniewicz-Murray, Julita LDN Bride was created with the vision of today's modern bride. Every order is handmade to the client's most-detailed measurements, in her London studio...

  For free-spirited brides with a dreamy sense of adventure''

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