My Ultimate Aim  

Well it is simple, I want to be helpful and friendly. I have  lots of tips and recommendations that might help you with your wedding  planning. After all I photographed hundreds of weddings. Just ask away. 

I want this to be a collaboration between us with trust and connection. I want you to be invested as well as to be excited in the process.

Let’s connect, let’s get to know each other.  

I really enjoy meeting my couples and the process of getting  to know you both is very important for me.

So let’s meet up over a cup of coffee or chat on Skype. This will help us build a bond with each other. You need to trust me as much as Ineed to trust you to create these beautiful, emotional images. 

It is important for us to feel this right from the start, I am sure you will agree :) 


My Style  

Where to start? I would say my style is so very natural,  storytelling due to my background in film production.

There is a fair amount of documentary as well as creative spark running through my photography.

I like to be as non-intrusive as possible on your wedding day. Which helps those of you that are camera shy.

You will not know I am there most of the time. I like to meld into the action. I like to catch those moments that you would not expect, those magical secret hidden gems of Emotions. 

I am constantly looking for connections and interactions between people. I observe from afar as well as up close. That is why it is important for me to feel connected with my couples.

When I am not shooting weddings I create Fine Art Images that really helps me to see differently. I use some of the visions or elementsof fine art photography in some of the bride and groom portraits. 


Lets connect

If you feel value and connection to my work .  Lets get to know each other


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